The Main Reasons Why You Should Study Medicine Abroad

There are over 200 MCI (Medical Council of India) approved medical universities available to study medicine abroad. Current statistics show that almost 10,000 students applied for MBBS admission abroad.  Since NEET is now mandatory to study MBBSs abroad for those students returning to India, almost 15.9 lakh students sat for NEET 2019. There are a host of reasons why you should study MBBS abroad. For Indian students it has become more feasible than before and with the exorbitant costs of medical education in India, it makes sense to opt for the low cost of overseas education in the medical profession.

With the quality of MBBS overseas education at an all time high, it has become beneficial to study MBBS abroad. There are several factors that influence a student’s decision to realize the perks of MBBS in foreign countries.

The major factors that make studying medicine abroad an attractive prospect

  • Quality education at low fees
  • No donations
  • Low cost of living
  • Medium of instruction is English
  • Living in a foreign country
  • Opportunities for careers abroad
  • No stress of NEET or other exams if practicing abroad
  • Hassle free admission process

Low fee structure is a major deciding factor in studying medicine abroad

The novelty of having to live in a foreign country and experience a foreign culture is a major factor that influences a student’s decision to pursue MBBS abroad. However, the one factor that makes up most students’ mind including the parents is the exceptionally low fees. It takes almost 10-15 lakh per year in a private medical institution, yet consider an even more advanced university in Russia charging just half that amount. It does not take brains to understand that studying medicine abroad is a golden opportunity.

The Indian medical scenario is a dismayal one

Today the scenario of medical education in India is pathetic given the elements of reservations and the unbelievably low number of seats in relation to the huge number of students appearing for the NEET exam.  This leaves several students at the mercy of private universities demanding high fees and donations that many can ill afford. Why should one even take the stress of such an atmosphere when a foreign state of the art university offers MBBS admission abroad at low costs?

MBBS abroad is a viable and good option

Studying MBBS abroad is a much better option when a seat in a government college is unavailable. The only other option left is to consider a private university but why should a student pay through their nose for a medical infrastructure that isn’t worth discussing about. A survey done among students of various universities drew the conclusion that students usually look at 5 important questions when it comes to study medicine abroad. These are

  1. Budget: Will it be within their financial capacity?
  2. Infrastructure: will they be provided a good infrastructure that imparts quality medical education?
  3. Living standards: Will the living standards be low enough for their pocket?
  4. Advantages: will there be more advantages to a foreign degree as opposed to an Indian one?
  5. Career: will they be able to pursue a career abroad?

Get exposure to be eligible for an international career

The answer to all of these questions is a resounding yes. Perhaps these five important questions sums up the major reason why students should consider MBBS admission abroad. Experiencing a new culture and lifestyle of course are one of the reasons that helps one adapt to an international environment but this also grooms a candidate to become a brighter prospect for acquiring international level jobs in the medical profession. Your foreign degree will make you eligible to a world of opportunity for a lucrative career in medicine as a successful international doctor. You get to travel, live life like an NRI and see the world all expenses paid.

A reputed MBBS admission consultancy is the best pathway to medical overseas education

The best way to make such a dream a reality is to approach a reputed MBBS admission consultancy that can provide complete assistance in helping you study medicine abroad without any hassles. Here are five important things to consider when choosing a good consultancy to help you in your medical overseas education.