The Major Advantages of Studying MBBS Abroad

The biggest obstacle today for many young and ambitious medical students in studying MBBS abroad is not the process itself but the mindset of parents.  Most parents are apprehensive about their child migrating to a foreign country, the worry is constantly there.  Others simply worry about the student leaving home to study elsewhere.  Research has shown that even when a medical student is unable to secure a medical seat in the city of their residence, they are not keen on pursuing the possibility of gaining admission to colleges out of their city. Parental pressure is one of the main reasons for this.

It is perfectly safe, more lucrative and career enhancing to study MBBS Abroad

Rather than emphasizing to the student the advantages of studying MBBS Abroad, it is our endeavour to provide parents a safe and secure convincing message about the advantages of studying MBBS abroad and why you should never hold your child back from a brilliant opportunity.

Consider these statistics of medical education in India

  • In 2016, statistics revealed just 1 government doctor for 11000 patients. Why??
  • Total number of MD+MS+Diploma Government seats: 15,471, total number of aspirants 1,48,713. Sounds ridiculous???
  • India has the highest number of medical colleges as a nation, but graduating class strength is just 100-150 students 
  • Less than 8 per cent of the total students get a chance to continue further studies
  • Less than even 5 per cent will be considered as the best in their class
  • The acceptance rate at Harvard Medical School was 3.5 per cent in 2014,
  • In Vellore’s Christian Medical College, it was 0.25 per cent in 2015
  • The All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi, ranked the best in the country accepts only 72 students for its undergraduate courses out of the 80,000 to 90,000 students who apply.

Do we need to show you any more ridiculous figures about the condition of medical education in India? To make matters worse, there is a serious proposal by the NEP (National Education Policy) for the EXIT exam to be included in the National Medical Commission bill and made mandatory in the coming years. This means even if a student passes NEET and completes his four years of study, he still has to undergo the EXIT examination to get his registration for becoming a practicing doctor.

Do you want to see your child as a resident doctor in some obscure hospital?       

The above notification along with the above mentioned statistics are a nightmare to say the least. Do you really want this for your child? When you thought of realizing your child’s dream of becoming a doctor, was it to put this mammoth overwhelming pressure on them? They give a NEET exam, perform well and still not expect to get a medical seat in India. Even if they finally did, would you want your son or daughter sitting in a mediocre position in some laboratory or a resident doctor in some obscure hospital? 

There are a host of opportunities studying MBBS abroad

The answer to the brightest opportunity in the medical profession is to study abroad. In India, the cost of an undergraduate medical program combined with a PG is unreasonably high. It is virtually an uphill task and a huge burden for families from the middle income bracket to bear. This is what dashes the dreams of youngsters wanting to become a doctor today. Why limit your child’s aspirations of being a doctor in India when they can be a doctor in a foreign country with a heftier pay packet and a reputation to match.

Here are the major advantages of studying MBBS abroad

  • Easy admission process: Unlike India, there is no procedure of counselling sessions in every college abroad. Your career counseling starts and ends with MBBSsolutions where you will be assisted in choosing a good college abroad.
  • Approved Universities: All Universities are approved by the MCI and with WHO registration
  • Cost effective: A reputed private college in India charges between 8-10 lakhs PA. A university in Russia, will cost as low as 2-3 lakhs PA.
  • Infrastructure: Foreign Universities in Russia and China have world class facilities and internationally trained medical faculty
  • Exposure: A student gains international exposure not just in MBBS study but to culture, lifestyle, language and knowledge arming every student with all resources required to meet a global demand for medical professionals abroad.
  • Low cost of living: The cost of living may be lower in a foreign University than if a student was staying in New Delhi.

Studying MBBS abroad is the best decision of your career These are the advantages of studying MBBS abroad.  It is an opportunity of a lifetime. Thus, parents should be enthusiastic and proud of wanting to see their child as an international medical professional. Students should look beyond the horizons of India because there is a whole new world waiting for you when studying MBBS abroad and it comes with none of the pressure you may face in India.